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Beginners, Scalpers, Day Traders, Swing Traders – We Heard You See How The New Triple B Can Add Hundreds Of Pips To Your Daily Income

Dear Traders, We’ve Added The Features You Wanted And Made The Forex Triple B Even More Profitable

Forex Triple B was released in November 2014 and was a huge success among Forex traders. Its accurate trading signals, based on Bollinger Bands indicator, combined with additional divergences filters and built in risk-reward filters, met the needs of many traders, who were thrilled with the system.

Yet, A Key Ingredient Was Missing

The Forex Triple B was geared mostly towards swing traders due to its adaptability to two specific chart timeframes. This means that traders who prefer to scalp or trade short time-frames couldn’t use the system, as well as people with a small starting capital. Nearly 2 years later, after conducting rigorous live tests, adding new settings as well as adjusting existing parameters, we are proud to share the Forex Triple B 2.0, that will be a priceless tool for every trader!

From the desk of Vladimir Ribakov

Top earning Forex trader and mentor

Hi Traders,

I’ve been professionally trading for over 12 years and have met all types of traders. Generally, 99% of the traders belong to one of the following groups:

  • Beginners who are looking to become professionals by thorough learning and practicing
  • Beginners who want a hassle-free daily income without profound learning
  • Experienced traders who still haven’t achieved consistent, profitable results
  • Experienced, profitable traders who want an easier trading life
  • Professional, profitable traders who don’t need to improve

If you identify with one of scenarios 1-4, Forex Triple B 2.0 can be an invaluable asset for your trading career.

Over the years I was “accused” that my services are not friendly enough for people who don’t “breath” Forex. I’m referring to traders who don’t have long hours to watch the charts or the enthusiasm to learn trading inside out.

You may know me from my signals service or from other products, and if you do- you know that I always insist on understanding the background of every strategy thoroughly before trading. When developing the Forex Triple B I’ve decided to address the needs of individuals who need a friendly, simple tool that will provide accurate, profitable trading signals without diving into complicated technical details.

The Forex Triple B has turned out to be a favorite in the Forex community and these days, 1.5 years after releasing the first edition, I am proud to release a version that works on all timeframes and thus suites all types of traders. No less important, the trading filters have been updated to ensure top accuracy and profitability.

I could continue telling how great the system is, but as the old and wise saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words”! In this case, it's not a picture but the examples of trades and statement you see on this website.

I invite you to take advantage of the new Forex Triple B 2.0 . Install it, make money, and send me an email with your feedback.

Happy& Profitable trading, Vladimir Ribakov

Tell Me More About The Forex Triple B 2.0

The system is installed on Metatrader4 platform and analyzes the markets 24/5. It can be applied on any combination of timeframes and currency pairs. When the Forex Triple B identifies a trade setup it generates a Metatrader4 alert and a phone notification.

The Forex Triple B 2.0 system consists of the following 5 elements. In order to execute a trade you can skip directly to component 5, since 1-4 are part of the background work and are analyzed before an alert is generated. A trade signal is sent only if all the required conditions are met.

The Forex Triple B 2.0 Template

Scans the markets 24/5 for you. Once it identifies a profitable trade setup, after confirming the other requirements are met, it generates an alert. The template will load onto your chart everything you need to trade with the Triple B software, including the elements explained below.

5 Built In Filters

There are 5 additional filters in addition to the core strategy:

  1. Price Within Zone – visual representation of the buy/sell entry zone in color.
  2. Risk: Reward – set your desired risk: reward ratio and never worry about it anymore. The software will automatically calculate it for you.
  3. Higher time frame divergence – depending on your higher time frame selection, the software will scan for divergences in the direction you want to trade. This filter is extremely powerful!
  4. No Opposite Divergence –identifying opposite divergences is just as important. The software will take care of it for you automatically.
  5. Current Time Frame Divergence – to ensure maximal safety the Forex Triple B will check for divergences on the current time frame as well.

These filters ensure delivering outstanding trade setups and maximizing your profits.

State Of The Art Higher Time-Frame Preview

No need to switch between time frames to analyze the higher time-frame. My programmers have done an outstanding job with this feature. The small preview box is always there, in the middle of your trading chart,scanning and displaying the higher time frame. The preview window has been coded to automatically adjust its position so it doesn’t interfere with the candlesticks on your chart.

Visual BUY/SELL Zone

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is why the Triple B is all about visual aids. Sell and Buy zones are colored respectively in red and green to make it easier for you to see what is happening on the chart and where exactly is the higher time frame Bollinger band at the moment. This is one of my personal favorites. No more horizontal lines to mark the Bollinger bands and make room for mistakes. The buy/sell boxes or zones will adjust with every new bar!

1- Click Trading- MetaTrader4 Alerts and Mobile Phone Alerts

The alerts free you from monitoring the screen. Get Metatrader4 and mobile alerts when a trade has been detected. Then, confirm the trade by clicking “Yes”. As you know, I’m not a fan of 100% automation when it comes to trading, but I understand that you may not be interested in understanding the strategy and the background due to various legitimate reasons, so I added this feature to allow you a simple Yes or No decision.

The Lazy Trader’s Way To Consistent, Semi- Automated Daily Income From Trading

Watch The Forex Triple B 2.0 In Action

We are not implying that these results can be generally expected or achieved by anyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading Forex. Past performances do not necessarily indicate future results!

  • Be Your Own Financial Manager

    No one will take care of your finances as well as you are, once you are given the right tools and knowledge to do so. The Forex Triple B is about automated control so it will never place a trade without your consent. The software alerts you in real time once a profitable trade has been recognized, and you don’t need to analyze the charts to determine if a trade signal is valid. But, we believe the decision to click yes should be yours.

  • Advanced Bollinger Bands Patterns and Divergence Identification Algorithm

    The alerter saves you from long hours of analyzing the charts and verifying each trade setup manually. You are freed from the tedious behind the scenes work. Your time is just as valuable as your profits, so we made it our mission statement to automate 95% of the work for you. A minute of executing a trade once you receive an alert is equivalent to at least an hour of analyzing the charts waiting for this trade setup.

  • Full Customization

    Every individual has a different vision of a dream trading system. This is why we’ve programmed a customization panel to the Forex Triple B 2.0 so you can decide exactly how & when you want your trades.

Take A Smart Decision

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Here Is A Re-Cap Of What You Are Getting

  1. Forex Triple B 2.0 detailed user guide that explains every part of the strategy if you would like to understand the rules and reasoning behind the system.
  2. Forex Triple B 2.0 template that will scan the market 24/5 hours for you and generate an alert when all the conditions are perfect.
  3. Additional 5 built-in filters for maximal accuracy and safety.
  4. Higher time-frame preview for your convenience.
  5. Visual buy/sell zones to make trading easier for you if you want to understand the strategy.
  6. 1-Click Trading Metatrader4 alerts and phone alerts- because your time is just as important as your profits.
Start earning money using the Forex Triple B 2.0 NOW

Your Purchase is 100% risk free

Test this software, install it and start collecting your daily profits. If for any reason you prefer to go back to spending hours analyzing charts manually and calculating formulas on your own, simply let us know and your money will be refunded right away.

You have 60 full days to check out this amazing, risk-free software. This means that even if you get busy and caught up for a few weeks you still have plenty of time to test this system. Use the software now and decide if it is as wonderful as we claimed within the next 60 days.

You can get the Forex Triple B 2.0 today for only $147. You can recoup this investment within a single trade or several trades, depending on your trading preferences.

The Forex Triple B 1.0 has been a huge success and has changed the lives and trading accounts of a lot of traders. The Forex Triple B 2.0 is much better and can elevate your trading account starting from today.

Your purchase is 100% risk-free and you can first test the software on a demo account so you risk nothing.

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